how to number invoices freelance

Unfortunately, late and unpaid invoices can lead to cash flow issues. You might also have to spend time chasing clients for late payments. But when you know how to write an invoice properly, you can minimize late payments and focus more on growing your freelance business.

Common freelance invoicing mistakes to avoid

If you’re freelancing for corporations, this will ensure invoices are sent to the right department. Deliver your invoice with a friendly email note or cover letter that includes a thank you in the body of it. This extra touch will with any additional follow-ups about due payments. The client’s name, address, and contact details should be included to ensure the invoice reaches the correct person or department. These details should be confirmed in advance by the client, in writing, to eliminate the possibility of them claiming the invoice was sent to the wrong person or company.

Keep Track of Your Invoices

If you cater to multiple clients, keep track of invoice numbers in ascending order for each client and remember dates for recurring payments. For example, if you’ve completed your fourth project for Client A, send them an invoice with the number “INV004” and the date. Invoicing clients is a key part of getting paid for your hard work as a freelancer. Timely invoicing is a cornerstone of freelancing, promoting smooth workflow and avoiding possible miscommunication with clients. Sending invoices promptly upon project completion not only establishes trust between both parties but also helps create a professional image for your freelance business.

how to number invoices freelance

Accept easy payment methods

You can sign up for free or access the library of free invoice templates. A Kanban board is a project management tool which provides a visualization of single or multiple tasks & workflows. The secret to successful invoicing lies in staying on top of things. So long as you can keep track of which invoice you sent when and whether it has been paid, the days of payments slipping through the cracks are behind you. That said, even once you have calculated the subtotal based on your fixed rates, it may not be the total amount due from your client.

How to Send Invoices

how to number invoices freelance

This clear indication of the outstanding balance ensures that clients are fully informed of their financial obligations and can make timely payments. You can still print out your invoices and mail your client a paper copy. But to create an invoice, you’ll start on your laptop or another digital device. From there, you can choose to create one yourself using a document-creation tool, use a template, or go the easy route and use software. Such an automated system offers other benefits to your business. It can improve customer relations, because customers know what to expect as invoicing is consistent.

Bloom’s Free Freelancer Invoice Template

You can make the invoicing process faster and more efficient by using an invoice template. Often, freelancers send invoices after a few weeks thinking that sending an invoice too soon would make them look pushy. Get rid of that approach and send an invoice to your client as soon as they confirm they are satisfied with the work.

ways successful freelancers build strong client relationships

Whether you choose to send paper or digital invoices, make sure that your client knows how they will receive theirs. You can start with a simple template from Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or any other application that suits you. The downside is that using this method is both manual and time consuming – and these systems don’t allow you to collect payments outside of cash or check. Banking Services for payments made how to invoice as a freelancer via ACH or wire from the Bluevine Business Checking Account are provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. Money transmission services for International Payments are provided by a third party and are also subject to their applicable terms and conditions. It’s worth learning how to structure and send a past-due invoice because only 26% of freelancers in the US receive on-time payments for all of their invoices.

In most cases, it’s appropriate to invoice a client when you know they’re satisfied with the work you’ve done. However, you can also choose to send partial invoices throughout the project’s duration. The ideal time to send an invoice varies depending on the nature of your work, the client you’re dealing with, and the size of the project you’re billing for. When it comes time to invoice, include these payment details in the breakdown of your services. To prevent payment delays, you want your invoices to be indisputable. Be clear about who you are, what work you did for your client, when you provided your services, and how you priced your services.

how to number invoices freelance

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