That’s not a sign that you’re faking or lying about your memory loss. Some feel overwhelmed and struggle to deal with the feelings and memories. Treatment is critical for people going through this because ptsd blackouts the risk of dangerous behaviors, including self-harm and suicide, is much higher. People with severe dissociative amnesia who don’t recover their memories may find that memory loss disrupts their lives.

ptsd blackouts

Nervous system symptoms that may occur along with blackouts

While genes can’t cause dissociative amnesia on their own, they can lower the threshold for it to happen. That means a person with a family history of dissociative amnesia may develop it with fewer contributing factors. Dissociative amnesia is when dissociation causes memory loss (amnesia). For some people with trauma, mindfulness can trigger PTSD symptoms.

ptsd blackouts

Cognitive risk and protective factors in PTSD

ptsd blackouts

During PTSD counseling, you will work through issues you’re currently experiencing and issues from your past. For instance, stress from your work may have increased the frequency of your PTSD blackouts. In counseling, you will learn how to reduce that stress to keep blackouts to a minimum.

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ptsd blackouts

Everyone’s experience is different, so you may experience some, none or all of these things. Symptoms of PTSD can appear immediately following a traumatic event, or they can appear weeks, months, or even years later. An analysis based on data from 60 studies, published in January 2015 in Psychological Bulletin found that people with PTSD reported deficits in verbal learning, speed of information processing, attention/working memory, and verbal memory. This means you may find yourself having trouble focusing, paying attention, or remembering details.

Support Groups

PTSD and other mental health problems

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